This month we have been discussing all you need to know about sex conversation, and today we are looking at why sex conversation must be age-appropriate.

Sex conversation is a big deal today. A lot of parents have issues with sex conversations. They do not know where to start nor do they know how to start. They do not know what to say. One of the things that we are going to be doing at our upcoming Sex Educates Your Child Like a Pro Challenge is that we are going to share an overview of the goals that you seek to accomplish and also share different strategies and tips that you can use to accomplish those goals as regards sex conversations. Sex conversation is a big deal and we want you to understand that if you are not having this conversation someone else somewhere will have this conversation for you.

Reasons why your sex conversation must be age-appropriate

  1. Sex conversation must be done honestly, knowledgeably, and structurally: Effective sex conversation must be honest, it must be knowledgeable and it must be structural that is one of the reasons why you must have it in the age-appropriate way. When you structure your conversation, you are going to realize that it is supposed to be said in a certain way. If you ask me when sex conversations should start, it starts as soon as you have a child. I have said over and again that the moment you have a child, you start a sex conversation so sex conversation must be done honestly, it must be done knowledgeably and it must be structured.

Many of us learned the truth about our bodies when we were older, some of us learned it when we were much younger and we never really learned it from our parents that is why structure is required. In the Academy part of what we have helped our parents do is to structure how they are having this conversation. Our children need conversations about their bodies, their sexuality, the normalcy of life, and sex. This is one of the reasons why you must share sex conversations have it honestly, knowledgeably, and structurally

  1. Children learn best from repeated exposure to a subject: I usually say that what makes someone learn is when you make an impression, and you cannot make an impression without repetition. A child does not learn without you first making an impression and for you to have made an impression there has to be repetition, so your children can only learn via repetition, that is why repeated exposure to the subject is important, and if you start this exposure as early as possible, there’s something we call the “cumulative time factor” – the cumulative time factor begins to help your child to be able to internalize some of those things that we are talking about.
  2. You need to practice talking about sex without getting embarrassed: You cannot practice talking about says except you are armed with knowledge, which is why I said it has to be shared honestly, knowledgeably, and structurally. So it is the knowledge that actually gives you the confidence to say to yourself: “I know what I am doing” and that’s where you get the confidence not to be embarrassed. I see quite a number of parents talk about vagina, talk about penis in a very cringe manner, even as you are reading this blog post, so many of you are cringing. Can you explain the difference between gender confusion, gender neutrality, homosexuality, and heterosexuality without stumbling on your words? If you cannot, then you need knowledge. If you talk to your toddler about their genitals while they are taking their bath, you need to understand losing the cringe factor that way, when it’s time for tougher conversations, you now have laid a solid foundation. The reason why you need to start this conversation early is so that you can actually lay a foundation for having these conversations. It is very important.
  3. Talking about consent throughout your child’s life lays the foundation for a healthy relationship later: It is from this that you begin to lay the foundation. Do you know that when you are not confident about what you are saying your children can actually pick it up? This is where the foundation is laid; so for those of you who are asking me, should I have started sex education, my children is just one month? You should have started the day the child was born. It’s important that you actually explain it to understand where you should start and how. Some of the things that you need to begin to talk about is that, you start affirming your newborn baby. As a person, affirmation is actually a sex conversation, because this message is your effort absorbed moment by moment early in their life which set the stage for healthy identity, gender identification, and gender confusion. If you need to sort it out, you start from day one. If you wait until your child is already 10, you are going to be applying the fire brigade approach. Ask the parents who started at 10 then when they become aware, and before they become familiar you have to actually be able to arm yourself with the knowledge. You are only able to help your children according to the level of your knowledge, the same thing in sex conversation and it will also interest you to note that drug conversation is part of sex conversation. You need to begin to develop better communication skills regarding their body, build a Media Plan, etc.

Part of what you must have when getting into the Academy is a Media Plan.

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You cannot parent without these structures, remember I said that sex conversation must be had honestly, knowledgeably, and structurally. Children learn more from what we do than what we say, it is also very key with this conversation. If you start this conversation with dishonesty, you have already eroded the trust process. Let me say this: “Trust is the highest currency in sex conversation”, once you have sent your children the message that you are untrustworthy or that you are too uncomfortable to be a source of information about sex, they are less likely to choose you as their primary source of information in the future.

At the Sex Educate Your Child Like a Pro Challenge, I am going to give out a 30-day Guide for you to be able to have this conversation structurally. What I have done in that Guide is share how you can begin to have your age-appropriate sex conversations. Unfortunately, parents still don’t understand that Sex Education isn’t all about touching the Private part and public parts. If you don’t have a well on documented and adhered-to Family media plan in your home, you are kidding… Because your child’s environment is the first place you MUST start when you are starting this conversation.

We now have 2,000 plus and these parents will be receiving my latest book on 30 days guide for the upcoming Challenge; Sex Educate Your Child like a pro we will show you exactly what else you Must include in your conversations. If you are still at this level of Sex Education, please repeat and learn

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