I made this post sometime in 2016, someone on my list reposted it some weeks back. And I thought to share again!

It’s a maddening trend of young children abused daily these days…..I mean children, ….Crazyyyyyyy!!!

Here is ma opinion:

Most of us have sons we are not bothering to teach sex education and we keep praying for our daughters not to fall into danger but fail to raise our sons for other female children not to be endangered.

Most boys are abused also because they were never thought anything about sex, so they in turn abuse people.

The upbringing for male children in our society is faulty. We channel our energy praying for our female children and fail to train the male ones. A male child does something at home you excuse him because he is a “man”, but for a female child you keep hammering on the “don’t you know you are a woman?” Mantra

We don’t think our male children should preserve their virginity. (it really doesn’t matter to us) a Male child having sex is “normal”.

You even hear parents say things like ‘I am not even worried about the boys, they lose nothing!’

Like seriously??

And we forget that these acts can mess the child’s life forever. Most people who abuse people have been abused themselves at some point.

I have heard a parent say ” What will I teach my son about sex education? He doesn’t need it,

Is purity for girls/women only? Oh, most definitely we think so!
Yet we worry that marriages are crumbling on issues that bother on infidelity.

We channel our energy on how the girl child must ‘behave and become’, forgetting to realise that the men we raise will make a mess of this.

Let’s stop praying about things we can change; that is why GOD created us with a will, and a brain, let’s start making changes and then pray.

These people who abuse young girls were raised by somebody, the people who abuse young boys were raised by parents…What did they learn?

We have a rape culture in our society unfortunately so and it can’t be stopped until we stand up to having a better generation of men and women alike .

Raise a responsible son today and save us all from women beaters, perverts, criminals, double standard individuals, cheats, drunks, paedophiles, rapists, egocentric individuals, etc.

A responsible male child is what I advocate for. We will definitely pray less if we all do so.

#Protect the girl child by raising responsiblesons#

#Protect the Boychild by teaching them more.

God bless you all.

©Wendy Ologe
Parent Coach & Author