Viral Video of a woman brutalizing her househelp

This Video Went Viral a few days ago!

You can watch here on our youtube channel.

I refused to Watch it to the end.., it was one of the worse abuse I have seen in my entire life.

This woman Hit this little girl of about 7-8years on the floor so hard that you would literally have your mouth in your head. What did she do? She made a mistake!!!!

Fortunately Someone caught her on Camera, ..and the agencies picked her up yesterday. The world is not just talking the world is also moving into action.

She was arrested and trust me, with the people pulling their weight behind this case, this woman is going to jail.

I have said this over and again, deal with your emotions and control your rage. Stop hitting children as a disciplinary measure…we are still arguing that it’s the best way.

This woman will be going to jail for her inability to control her emotions. Before we all come on this post to say this woman is wicked, think again if you are on this table.

The anger emotions will lose you many times if you don’t control it. Anger Management is a must for everyone raising another person.

Make up your mind to deal with this kind of parenting in 2020, attend classes that can help you deal with your emotions, we run one every quarter and trust me it’s being a blessing to many parents.

Don’t be made a scapegoat because of you are fighting a lost battle.

Stop hitting children as a disciplinary strategy, submit yourself to a process and work on you. It’s not a journey of perfection, it’s a journey of Intentionality.

Be Intentional.

©Wendy Ologe
Parent Coach & Author