This is An Attempt to put My 2019 In “A Frame”.

This is An Attempt to put My 2019 In “A Frame”. 

This Year will bear the Name: Capacity, Growth & Grace.

📌Facebook Activities /Nomination

January 2019, I took off as a Global Lead for Facebook community leadership circles  among 130 other persons in the world. I was nominated by Facebook in November 2019,  and this journey brought my way some of the people I call “The many blessings of the Online Space”. 

In October 2019  I was invited to Facebook Headquarters California, USA to represent Africa at The Global Parenting Summit. This was on the premise of leading one of the most relevant, engaging Parenting group in AFRICA, Yes our very own The Intentional Parent group.

📌The Intentional Parent Group

At the beginning of this year 1st January 2019, The Intentional Parent Group was exactly 1 year old and had grown to about 8,000 Intentional Parents.

Today we are almost 22,000 Strong!!

In June 2019, We held our annual Online Conference but this time it was the Largest Online Parenting Conference that ever took place online  with 24 Parent Coaches/Speakers from all over the world including USA, UK, India, Canada, Nigeria, Germany  for 7 days

📌Published Works

My first book Connect to Correct  hit the shelves in November 2018 and  sold over 4,000 copies in print and soft copies as of this day in the year 2019.

The Discipline that Works was released In November 2019 and sold over 1,000 copies in the first moth.

I also shared parenting Articles every Wednesday and Friday throughout 2019!! We started to put them in my blog some few months back

📌Soon to Come Books 

I started working on 3 more books this year., as the queries kept coming up, we got to work.

-From Yelling to Calm; Step by Step guide/Strategies  on how to move from the yelling parent and Parent with Peace and Calm

-The Sex Conversations 
Everything you will need to know to equip yourself in  making Sex an ongoing  conversation in your home and not a lecture

Creating Parenting Goals with Planners : A yearly guide/Planner to record and follow your Intentional Parenting Journey

We will be launching all in different quarters of 2020 Anticipate! 

📌Courses & Training for Parents

We launched more courses in The Intentional Parent Academy and also had our Academy officially registered in Nigeria. 

Some of the courses : 

✔Becoming the Emotionally Intelligent Parent Course. Our Signature Course which launched every quarter this year and had over 150 parents take this course. 

✔How to determine your Childs Learning style and how it affects your disciplinary Strategy for each child.

✔The Discipline that Works; Understanding your child’s temperament, personality and mood to create strategies for The Discipline that Works

✔Creating Parenting Goal for 2020 : The accountability group that will keep you Intentional through the year. (Starting January 1st with 40 parents for the first time Launch.)

✔Sex and all you need to know in helping your child  make the right sexual choices without demonizing sex (Launching in March 2020)

✔The 10 days Yelling Challenge (Relaunching in 2020)

We also started our One on One Consultations for parents (both online & Offline).

All our courses will be hosted on our Website  by first Quarter in 2020. 

📌Media Roller coaster:

In March 2019, I was interviewed by CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) on the Popular 700 club show. This interview aired on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) which is the largest Christian TV network in the world. It was also aired in several local channels including Channels TV, AIT, Silver bird, Galaxy TV, AKTV etc

I was on several radio channels repeatedly spreading the gospel of Intentional Parenting.

We also launched our Intentional Parent Online TV on Youtube on 1st December,  2019…featuring parenting shows every Tuesday and Thursday on our channel. You can subscribe here

📌Speaking Engagements

I had almost all my Saturdays and Sundays booked in this year to speak.

I worked with many churches, ( was such a delight), Corporate Organisations (Both International and Local), Numerous Schools, both in Abuja and outside ( including my children Schools), training  both Teachers and Parents.

The most interesting part of speaking for me this year was how people got so intentional; I was invited to speak at Casual Dinners, Birthday Parties, Events, Conferences  etc. 

These speaking engagements were in many parts of Nigeria, Owerri, Abuja, Bayelsa, Kano, Lagos, Onitsha, Etc

Of all the speaking engagements the most emotional for me  was speaking at my University school Alumina  First reunion in Owerri and have my mates trust me to lead them on this journey. I was most honoured.

There were also numerous Online speaking gigs, I practically had one class or the other to teach in every 3days on many platforms, Zoom, Facebook, Watsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter etc  Especially for church groups, School Alumni, School PTA, Teacher forum, Businessmen Forum. 

The Interesting part about speaking in 2019  was that  I spoke on other topics apart from Parenting too.


I meet the most amazing people this year, Online , Offline, and in BOOKs, You know what they say about reading and becoming the book? that is my story, I am made of books… especially the people I worked directly with; these people added color to my journey in 2019.

📌Family /Leisure 

We started to close up on many of our  bucket lists … we had 5 achieved in 2019.

We also created new Family Traditions for better Connections, The results are amazing. 

Well, I have only tried to summarize my 2019 Experience here, but nothing can really explain the Praise report of 2019, I only tried as a writer, lol me  I didn’t do Justice on this one.

As we sign out of 2019, I am here just to say, I am grateful to everyone who has trusted me, recommended me, engaged me, bought my works, enrolled for my courses, believed in me and even “Fanned” me. 

Thank you and Thank you again. 

May our tomorrow be better.

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Be Intentional.

©Wendy Ologe
Parent Coach & Author