Are you about to give your child a phone? A gadget? Do they play computer games? Or even Regular Tv? Then you need this guide!

Watch the video and read below to learn how to create an effective media plan and raise a media-responsible child



Your child spends more time on the screen?

Do you really know how much screen time is too much? Is your child neglecting their academics and spending more time on the screen? The skills that your child needs to survive in the 21st century is not on the screen, but in real life interactions. 


Your catch your child watching pornographic content

In this age, a lot of pornographic content are specifically targeted to our children without our knowledge and this is aimed at indoctrinating them into unhealthy sexual desires and habits.


You are worried about the effects of the media on your child mental and personal development?

Your child is using a lot of foul language and abandoning good manners. You are bothered that they aren’t learning the right values.


The Intentional Family Media Guide

The intentional family guide is a bundle of three guides specifically aimed at helping you as a parent to raise a media-responsible child by focusing on their media use, value development and discussions you have with them. Handing your child a gadget without a guide is akin to giving them a car without teaching them how to drive

What's You'll Get Inside These Guides?

The Family Media Guide ($6, N2000)

The First thing every home must have is a Written Document in form of a plan on media. Setting guidelines around media use is important and key.

This Guide will help you build a sustainable plan and guide on your child’s media use.

  1. In this guide you’ll learn step by step how to set the right boundaries
  2. Support your child to use their gadgets and the media responsibly. 

The Family Value Guide ($6, N2000)

The First thing every home must have is a Written Document in form of FAMILY VALUES. This Guide will help you create this document with printable templates to make the process easy. You’ll learn:

  1. Learn how to create strong values for your family
  2. How to teach your child these values so they are clear

What People Say About The Media Kit

“These guides have literally saved me from a lot of parenting disaster. My husband and I have created our own media plan and it’s been really a fun experience seeing the kids adhere to it. I can boldly say this is money well invested!”

Etima Umeh

“In fact, when I read this guides, i kept thinking “How long have i been a slave to ignorance”. I’ve used the strategies here to begin to tweak my family values. My two kids no when it’s TV time and when it’s not. Thank you Wendy for this guides”

Marybeth Chima

Amazing Bonus: Something Extra For You When You Buy The Two Guides

The Family Meeting Guide

This is your complete guide for having enriching, fun and productive meetings as a family. You’ll Learn

  1. How to schedule meetings with your kids
  2. How to develop meeting points and agenda
  3. Ways to effectively communicate your point without sounding bossy
  4. How to make your meeting fun and something your kids look forward to
  5. Subtle yet effective ways to teach your kids your family values and mission during family meetings

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