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How to stay calm in the face of a misbehaving child.

Now the question is, Is it even possible to stay calm in the face of a misbehaving child? How do you not lose it? In recent times, globally there has been a lot of rancor about people not being able to manage their emotions. I realized that this is the same thing that happened when […]...
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Understanding Yourself As A Parent For Effective Parenting

Today’s blog post is one that I am particularly excited about. So buckle up your seatbelts because you are in for a ride. Understanding yourself as a parent is one of the first prerequisites for effective parenting but let’s start by answering these questions: •Did you get married with the...
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What skills do I Need to Raise a Child in The 21st Century

One of the errors Parents make today is to go about their parenting journey casually without developing needed skills.A lot of parents decide to wait before they start becoming intentional parents, but this is a problem because while they wait, the Child is growing. So part of what we preach is that...
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