Skills You Need To Parent In 2022

It is no longer news that there are skills that will make your Child thrive better than others in this century and in this blog post, I will be sharing with you “Skills that you need to parent in 2021. These skills are skills that you need to start building on.

Children who are skilled are easy to parent, for you to have skilled children, you must be skilled yourself.

Skills You Need To Parent In 2022

1. Behavioral Management Skills: These are skills needed for behavioral Management. These skills can be classified as ( Disciplinary skills and emotions control skills) A lot of the time we fight with behavioral Management because our children lack skills. This skill is a core skill. What do you know about how to discipline your child? What do you know about the discipline that works? Focus on the positives instead of the negatives. We are at loggerheads because. We lack these skills

One of the major mishaps of this season is that we are raising children who are more knowledgeable than us, so you must ask yourself at every given time, “What knowledge do I have “?

2. Relationship Skills: Our theme in the academy this 2022 is “Social Intelligence” and one of the things we are doing is looking at social intelligence and how to break it down to teach our children ( You can book a slot for the inner circle program for 2023 here). Social neuroscience has been able to link some terminal diseases to a lack of relationships. As common and as little social intelligence is, it affects the outcome of one’s life. How you relate with your spouse can affect how your children are raised. We are raising children who lack relationship skills. To teach social intelligence, you need to learn about it

3. Connection Skills: Relationship skills and connection skills are linked together, one of the major challenges that I have seen is that connection is a big deal. I have noticed that most times, our parenting is not about connection but force, coercion, pressure because we do not have what it takes to build relationships at all fronts we are constantly fighting our children. I have seen several parents who came into the academy who could not connect with their children,they unintentionally ignored their children. The major problem of connection Skills is that we didn’t have a connection with our parents. Because Parenting characteristics are reflective,we simply passed this on to our children. The major reason we can’t connect is lack of emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence is the bedrock of effective parenting.

4. Spiritual Skills: A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a parent and I was talking about how I was able to get spiritual mentoring for my children. There are confusions and complexities with understanding things around our spirituality, a lot of us are confused. This is the major reason why I got a spiritual coach for my Children, don’t want them to be swayed or confused by random doctrines. Apart from this I am equipping myself to be able to teach my children what we are doing and what we believe in.

5. Stress Management Skills: Stress management skills have become so valid in this time because parents are becoming extremely stressed. Do you know that parents who can control their emotions have better stress management capacity? When you are emotionally intelligent, you won’t become stressed, you stop getting ill, you are calm you are in control, you understand what you need to do per time, you understand when to stop and start, etc. Emotional intelligence has so many benefits. ( Register For The “Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Parent” Course Here)

6. Develop Perseverance and Resilience: Angela Duckworth calls this “GRIT” in her words grit, passion and perseverance for long-term goals are part of the most important traits that lead to success. Research indicates that grit is more important than factors like “IQ” You will need to understand grit to be able to teach it to your children.

The Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Parent Course mentioned above is an online course by The Intentional Parent Academy that runs every year. So far 100s of parents have taken this course and have shared amazing testimonies on their journey.

Raising a child with high EQ has become paramount in the 21st century, however many parents are not emotionally Intelligent, so can’t give what they don’t have.

This course walks you through creating a workable template for working on your emotions.

Remember Parenting is an emotional journey and requires a good knowledge of how our emotions work.

Parenting is about you, not your child.

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Parenting is a learned skill, Never forget that.

©Wendy Ologe (Parent Coach &Author)