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Helping parents raise excellent children

A Better Way To Create Boundaries With Your Child Without Yelling, Threats or Fear-Based Control.


Wendy has graciously led a community of over 22,000 parents into new levels of practical knowledge on parenting.

This book explains what she has been teaching, and how you can use it

Connect To Correct

Do you often find yourself losing your cool and yelling at your children all the time?

Do you find yourself verbally abusing because you feel verbal abuse is better than physical abuse?

I guarantee you this book will change your life as a parent and take from that yelling parent to parenting with peace and calm.


The First thing every home must have is a Written Document in form of a plan on media. Setting guidelines around media use are important and key.


This Guide will help you build a sustainable plan and guide on your child’s media use.


  1. In this guide, you’ll learn step by step how to set the right boundaries
  2. Support your child to use their gadgets and the media responsibly.

Raising excellent children means you don’t just have to be intentional but smarter. You must not just be a master of your own emotions, but also help you child(ren) manage theirs. This course teaches you how to successfully do it.

Intelligent Parent