Preparing Your Child For Puberty Even Before They Get There

The conversation of puberty is not one you start when your children gets to the stage of puberty, it is one you start even before they gets there. One of the first questions I ask parents every time regarding puberty is “How Prepared Are You”?

Whenever you start conversations around puberty, it agitates parents because puberty conversation is a big deal.When it comes to gender confusion with children going through puberty today is on the high side. When you x-ray statistics on porn addiction, you will find that African countries are found among the first five countries globally.

Most people think that gender confusion only happens abroad but the current reality shows that this happens everywhere including in our country. If you don’t equip your child with all they need to know they will be confused. It doesn’t matter what you know, if you don’t know how to parent you will fail at it.

The only way to get out of what is happening in this era is to get knowledge. Knowledge is a pre-requisite for parenting in the 21st century.

The typical age range for girls to start puberty is the age of 7 to 13, it’s also been found that before a child gets fully into puberty they have already begun the pre-puberty stage. Boys also go through puberty, the typical age for boys to reach puberty is the age of 9.

You are to start the puberty conversation before your child reaches puberty and the sex conversation should start as soon as your child is born. You start your sex conversation the moment you have a child because sex conversations are first non-verbal.

A lot of people come to me to ask “Coach what do I do? how do I start? When do I start? The answer is this :You are to start the moment you have a child. You don’t prepare for war at war, you plan before you get to war.

Sex conversations are first non-verbal so you start it before your child is verbal. I have seen a lot of wrong sex conversation education, people advocating that sex education should start by the age of 5. (Are you kidding)? There is so so much to teach that you cannot plan what to teach when you get to puberty.

When we talk about the cumulative advantage in parenting it also applies to your sex education. A child who started having these conversations at a non-verbal stage will have an advantage over a child who starts having these conversations at the age of 10.


  1. You need to Equip Yourself First: It is foolishness to think that you know everything that you need to raise a child just because you gave birth to your child. “This is why the scripture says that my people perish from the lack of knowledge”. Unfortunately, we were not equipped with answers so therefore it is almost impossible for you to teach what you don’t know. The sex conversations our parents gave us were fear-based sex conversations, when you give your children fear-based sex conversations you are disempowering them instead of empowering them. You must understand that when it comes to sex conversations, it is not about policing your child, controlling or instilling fear it is about empowering them. How your child will make choices is about how empowered they are /feel.

When you empower your children they are able to make decisions irrespective of our presence, when you disempower your child you make them dependent on you and that’s not the aim of sex conversation, the aim of sex conversation is that a child feels empowered to deliver void of your presence. You also need to learn about conversations that will determine sex choices, sex conversation is not about the mechanics of sex.

2 You Must Teach Your Children about self-esteem and how to live it: You don’t teach self-esteem by writing it on the board, there is a process. If you must share sex conversations that are valuable, your girl child must understand self-esteem like their name and your boy child must understand self-control like their name. In the school of sex conversations, the curriculum is you.

3. You Must Teach Sex Control: No matter how much you teach about the mechanics of sex it can never empower your child to make decisions what empowers your child is the ability to make decisions. Your children are sexual beings and if they ever come in contact with sex they will enjoy it this is why you must teach self-control. In the upcoming sex educate your child like a pro, we will be teaching how to teach your children to have self-control.

4. You Must Teach Self-Confidence: Self-esteem and self-confidence are not the same things, anyone who lacks self-confidence will be molested and make wrong choices

5. You Must Teach Self Identity: The truth of the matter is that children do a lot of the things they do because they don’t know who they are, they lack self-identity.There is a way you will see yourself, there are things that you will never do.

6. You Must Teach Self Worth: Your child must know and understand the worth of their being. Many children do not know the worth of their being.

7. You Must Teach Self Discovery. There is a way you will discover your life in template, there are some things you cannot do.

8. You must teach Self Leadership: If a child cannot lead themselves, they cannot make decisions.

9. You must teach Self Expression

10. You must teach Self Awareness

11.You must teach self values, principles, and vision.

Puberty begins the process of transitioning from childhood to adulthood.


  1. Porn Literacy
  2. Gender Confusion
  3. Family Values: If there is no family values your child will be prone to anything, once you get into the inner circle we command you to produce a family value system.

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Sex conversations are bigger than pointing out the public and private parts. Many parents today are afraid of discussing sex with their children, but it is important to know that there is no vacuum in parenting.

Whatever you are not teaching your child, someone or something is teaching your child. There are many factors determining how we have these conversations. And this inhibits sexual conversation in our parenting journey.

Last year we started the SEX EDUCATE YOUR CHILD LIKE A PRO CHALLENGE 1.0 and we had almost 3,000 parents in that challenge. One thing that remained constant as a review from parents who attended the first challenge was “I thought I knew anything about sex conversation, everything here is new to me”.

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