Dear Parents,

As you reflect on the year’s success, failures, wins and losses in every area of your life also commit time to reflect on the biggest job on Earth ~ Parenting.

As parents, we are called to greater responsibility to raise gods! The Bible was specific, in saying that we are “gods”.

The question we should constantly ask ourselves is ;

Do we know what it takes to raise others?

Do we have the right skills to build these children to become the gods they are created to be?

Parenting is one relationship on Earth that possess the toughest to build yet has proven to be the most rewarding relationship on earth.

In 2020, begin to see your Parenting journey as leadership.

But as you go on this journey don’t forget that:

Leadership is not in the titles you wear, it’s in the values you add.

📍Leadership is not about teaching principles is about living by the examples.

📍Leadership is not occupying a position It’s making outstanding contributions.

📍Leadership is not occupying a seat, it’s accomplishing a feat.

📍Leadership is taking the lead not talking the lead.

📍Leadership is not about teaching principles is about living by the examples.

📍Leadership is an accomplishment, not a position ~Bishop David Oyedepo

In 2020 Begin to see Parenting as a Skill.

Without a genuine value for skills, we will do this the wrong way.

We can’t continue to live issues to chances and say “I know God will do it”. There is no substitute for skills ( read psalms 78:72 if you are a Christian ). This is not to play small on the efficacy of what God can do but to remind us that God expects us to do the work with His Grace available.

But the truth remains that You don’t fly a plane by spirituality.

Living in the realm of Approaching any task in life with common sense is no wisdom and will limit you.

Common knowledge will give you a common result.

In 2020, Commit to Reading!

Wisdom is about being studious.

Wisdom is not thinking about what you think is right but what is proven to be right. (David Oyedepo)

📌The quality of your life is a function of the quality of your references, the books you read, the skills you acquire.

Wisdom is not in assumptions.

Every leader is a reader.

And every committed reader is that true leader because its the engagement of the senses of others that make you make sense.

Every leader is a learner.

“When you stop learning you are old whether at 20 or at 80 and when you keep learning you are young whether at 20 or at 80, the best you can do is to keep your mind young.” ~Henry Ford

In the words of Bishop David Oyedepo “You are either building a library or you are building a mortuary without knowing”.

As you step into the year, always remember that:

📍Parenting is a journey, not an End.

📍Parenting is a learnt skill, not some assumed position.

📍Parenting is leadership.

📍Most importantly never forget that you cannot give what you don’t have.

Congratulations as we step into the Awesome year 2020.

Happy New Year Intentional Parents.

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Be Intentional.

©Wendy Ologe
Parent Coach & Author