A few days ago, someone tagged me on a terrifying post about sexual abuse. I read the story and I could relate it to all the cases that get to my desk daily. I have noticed that sex education in most homes is ‘wacked’ and lack necessary information and ingredients. Giving your child half education about sex and puberty is worse. Please note, sex education is for every age.

There is sex appropriation for each age. All you need to do is to get equipped with the right knowledge and information. Parenting through puberty can be tough. Many of the times, puberty is a time of change for both the child and the parents. Often, the child is struggling and the parents are also struggling because of a lack of knowledge.

When Does Puberty Start?

There is something called, ‘pre-puberty.’ At this stage, your child goes through puberty without the physical signs that you can see. Sadly, most parents wait for the physical signs of puberty to starts before they begin the sex education talk with their children.

Pre-puberty can occur between ages 5-7. As parents, you can only help your child if you equip yourself with information concerning parenting. If you do not have information, you can help and reassure your child. You also can’t teach acceptance and role-model without information. Puberty changes are not only sexual. Puberty changes are both physical, sexual, hormonal, and psychological.

Why Do Many Parents Struggle With Puberty? •Some parents don’t know what information is too much for a child’s age. Parents are handicapped, they don’t know what to share, what to ask etc.

•The irony of I turned out okay. Some parents feel that because they weren’t taught and they turned out okay, then they don’t need to teach their children.

•Our belief system: Our belief system makes sex education look sacred and the belief that the children will understand as they grow. Our religious belief puts a hindrance to our sex education.

•Culturally Unintelligence: We need to begin to understand that puberty in this generation is different. Parenting the Genz and GenAlpha is quite different from the ways of our forefathers and parents. We say things like, ‘In my time’ to justify our actions. The statement of ‘In my time’ resonates from a lack of knowledge.

•Lack of Connection: Without connection, you can’t move forward. Anyone you don’t connect with, you can’t have conversations with such a person. Connection before correction. If you are not connected to that child, forget whatever sex education you are preaching.

•Lack of Knowledge: Inadequate knowledge could also make parents struggle. They don’t know what to say each time, so they struggle. You need to commit yourself to learn. Our lack of knowledge is our greatest undoing.

Here are the following things involved in sex education: Masturbation, sexuality issues (LGBTQ), pornography literacy, drug conversations, family value and lots more. There is a brain called the puberty brain. The puberty brain needs to be carefully studied by parents, so they can parent better.

How Can You Help Your Child?

1- Teach your child sex education like a pro. There is confidence that happens for you and your child when you teach like a pro.

2- You need to get close to your child.

3- Talk more by asking questions without judgement.

4-Connect with your teenager

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