Some time ago we went to do Biometrics with the children. There were many people with their children as well at this place for the same process. As the Governor (My husband ; Thats what we call him as home lol) entered to start the process with the children, while I waited outside, ….as usual, the children exchanged pleasantries with the fellow in charge.

In response, the fellow said, “Wooh, these are the first kids to exchange any form of greeting with me today, I must have received over 30 children today”. I was shocked to hear this!! He got really curious, when I entered, he wanted to know genuinely what was different.

Wooh!!….So children now get an award for having a simple social skill?

After my conversation with him, I became really worried. Does it mean we are not teaching manners anymore? Even when our children have their friends over, we teach that courtesy demands you exchange greetings first before you start other conversations and play. You know what? Sometimes my children honestly get carried away but I never fail to remind them.

In fact, recently the children started mimicking me….they say, I will usually bring my voice low, clench my teeth together and say the word “Greeeeeet”. They make fun of this, but they understand I won’t let them be if they don’t. So now they are very conscious because we keep insisting. When we are walking from the school gate, they start exchanging pleasantries right from the gatemen to their friends, the reception and their class teachers.

Dear parents, This is not just about respecting older fellows is about having the right social skills. Teaching your child simple courtesy is important to developing their social skills. I have said it over and again, the act of “making money” is never just about Intelligence quotient (IQ) it’s in your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Social Intelligence. I shared this in my best selling book Connect to Connect, how EQ is more important than IQ. You should get a copy here www.wendyologe to learn more.

Lack of good manners is a prerequisite to battling misbehaviour in children. Without good manners, your child will likely battle with many skills, including emotions control and even learning. But what I have found is we don’t even have the patience and time to teach some of these skills and also we don’t even how to teach children because we don’t understand how they learn! Before you say “oh this child is misbehaving” be sure to have also taught the required skill for that child to tackle that challenge. Unfortunately, parents who are supposed to teach some of these skills are not equipped themselves.

Many parents don’t know the learning style of their child. At our last session of “Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style” Course a parent said “I now understand Why my son won’t learn anything , I wish I knew this before now , and I have being beating him just because I couldn’t understand how he learns” Since the start of this course, we have led over 400 parents on this journey to understanding their child’s learning style. Parenting is all about intentionality and teaching. you can learn more about this course here:

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Be Intentional.

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