Tired Of Yelling At Your Children With Little Or No Change? Try this book!

Do you often find yourself losing your cool and yelling at your children all the time?

Do you find yourself verbally abusing because you feel verbal abuse is better than physical abuse?

Don’t kid yourself, verbal abuse can be as worse as physical abuse.

I know yelling at your children feels like the easiest strategy to get them to behave well, but there is a better way.

When you yell, your aim is to gain control! Unfortunately yelling actually makes you lose control of your behaviour and by that, you are constantly unable to manage what you are expressing to your child. The good news is, you can reprogram this pattern , but it’s a skill you must learn not something you wish.

I guarantee you this book will change your life as a parent and take from that yelling parent to parenting with peace and calm.


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How yelling programmes your child's brain with fear

How to renew your joy of parenting and confidence knowing how to handle any situation per time

Ways to move from consistent yelling to being a more calmer parent

How to use proven strategies and tools to modify behaviours in your children without having to yell

What Others Say:

I am grateful for this opportunity.
This morning I woke up late. Usually I will yell and transfer aggression but I just saw myself taking it cool.
Am learning and I am becoming a better me. I want my children to remember me a smile not frown. Am really glad I met coach wendy.

-Adaeze Abonta from Abuja

Thank you so much coach for this challenge. It has been the best decision for myself and my kids. On Thursday morning we discussed the Rules and implications and things have drastically changed since then, sincerely most of the things I scream and beat them for are things we should have discussed and agreed on.

For example
I gave them rules and consequences for making their bed and cleaning their room, and in less than 10 minutes they did what usually take them over 1 hour with a lot of yelling and beating, even my 5 year old daughter that usually claim Baby of the house and won’t do anything has started helping and things now run smoothly.

I still have a long way to go but so far this challenge has been a blessing.

Fumi Esther Alabi from Thailand

I discovered that I have been doing a lot of assumption parenting.

I discovered that most of the things that I am expecting the kids to do that pissed me off I have NEVER taught them I just assume they should know

This challenge has helped me to see it clearly because after setting our rules, the kids came back from school and still litter their clothes bags and shoes! That was when I discovered that I only assumed they should know where to keep each thing but now that I know better I will start teaching them instead of assuming.

Chichi, from USA

Good evening Coach Wendy!
I like the part you said that this challenge is a life long journey!
I was a yeller too but I have improved tremendously.
My children at a point wouldn’t want to stay close to me because of my reaction to their mistakes and misbehavior. I’m grateful I got help in December 2017 and I’m much better. I’m still working on myself and this challenge has opened my eyes to some areas I need to improve on.
Thank you for all the learnings you shared here

Ofonime Bassey From Calabar

About The Author

Wendy Ologe is a seasoned parent coach and author of parenting bestsellers , Connect to Correct and The Discipline That Works . Her book Connect to Correct has sold over 4,000 copies in all the 36 states in Nigeria, and 20 other countries of the world in 1 year after launch in November 30th, 2019, including the US & UK. Her second book The Discipline that Works which was launched on November 1st, 2019 sold over 1,000 copies in print in it’s first month.

She is also the founder of The Intentional Parent Academy; a coaching outfit dedicated to equipping parents and intending parents to intentionally raise their children positively especially in the face of our decaying societal values.

Wendy aims to lead parents with everything it takes to raise an excellent child mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically — because she believes that parenting the next generation better is the way to have a better world tomorrow. She helps parents identify the parenting style that works for each child.

She also runs an online community on Facebook called the Intentional Parent. Via this group Facebook selected her among 100 others in the globe to be a global leader; leading Communities for the circles in Abuja. Facebook selected her group to flag off the first parenting subscription group in Africa.

Wendy has spoken on many stages including being interviewed by the biggest Christian TV network in Africa, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Africa on their famous TV program The 700 club. This Interview has been aired on both international and national tv stations, including TBN which is the largest Christian Television network in the world and Channels Television Nigeria.

In October 2019, Wendy represented Africa at the Facebook global parenting panel at their headquarters in California, United States. Her group The Intentional Parent was recognized as one of the most relevant and engaging parenting groups in Africa.

Wendy is also the executive director at Smart OFFICE, a corporate organization with a focus on developing businesses through capacity building, provision of serviced work Spaces and hostels for students.

Her work experiences include years in international non-governmental organizations with over 10 years of experience in USAID leading projects. Wendy also has experience in the banking sector.

She likes to refer to her husband as the Governor and a “god”. Their union of over 11 years is blessed with 2 biological children (a set of twins) and one foster daughter!