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Many people do not know if they have gone through childhood trauma or not. What comes to mind when you hear “childhood trauma”? People say, “Time heals everything”, but I want to say time does not heal trauma, time only numbs your feeling, and it is not the same as healing. I have seen peopl...
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7 most Common Mistakes Parents Make

Many parents assume that instincts will help them be better parents to their children or assume that parenting comes naturally. We employ parenting styles we have inherited subsequently making mistakes in our parenting journey without even realising it. Parenting is a learned skill and there are no ...
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What skills do I Need to Raise a Child in The 21st Century

One of the errors Parents make today is to go about their parenting journey casually without developing needed skills.A lot of parents decide to wait before they start becoming intentional parents, but this is a problem because while they wait, the Child is growing. So part of what we preach is that...
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