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12 Skills Every Child Should Have Before They Turn 12

The age of 12 is a big transition age for children, at that age, they transition physically, mentally, and socially. If your child is not able to learn all they need to learn before they turn 13 they will struggle. Life gets bumpy for children because puberty comes in full swing and if they are [&he...
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Yelling is a big deal in our clime, in fact it is everywhere globally. Yelling is known to be passed from our parents once you are yelled at as a child, automatically you pick up yelling and your children pick it up too and the cycle continues. ...
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Parenting With Calm, Is It Possible?

If this question can give you a one-dollar bill each time it is asked, I would have a million-dollar bill by now, that goes to show how inquisitive tons of parents are about parenting with calm. Sometime this week, a parent said to me in a session “Ma I think your children are different”… ...
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