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Yelling is a big deal in our clime, in fact it is everywhere globally. Yelling is known to be passed from our parents once you are yelled at as a child, automatically you pick up yelling and your children pick it up too and the cycle continues. ...
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Parenting With Calm, Is It Possible?

If this question can give you a one-dollar bill each time it is asked, I would have a million-dollar bill by now, that goes to show how inquisitive tons of parents are about parenting with calm. Sometime this week, a parent said to me in a session “Ma I think your children are different”… ...
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How to stay calm in the face of a misbehaving child.

Now the question is, Is it even possible to stay calm in the face of a misbehaving child? How do you not lose it? In recent times, globally there has been a lot of rancor about people not being able to manage their emotions. I realized that this is the same thing that happened when […]...
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Understanding Yourself As A Parent For Effective Parenting

Today’s blog post is one that I am particularly excited about. So buckle up your seatbelts because you are in for a ride. Understanding yourself as a parent is one of the first prerequisites for effective parenting but let’s start by answering these questions: •Did you get married with the...
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Help, My Child Is Always Lying

Every child learns to lie until you can teach them the value of honesty!! Flogging a child for lying doesn’t stop them from lying, they only learn how to lie without you getting to know😁 There are better ways to teach a child how to stop lying… In this blog post, I will respond to [&helli...
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