10 Solutions To Creating A Yell – Free Home

Last week I was tagged to a post in another community asking if a Parent can raise a Child without yelling.

80% of parents said it wasn’t possible,the person who tagged me on that post said ” I am in the inner Circle Program of The Intentional Parent Academy by Coach Wendy Ologe. Its been one year plus in that program and yelling is now a thing of the past; you can deal with this if you are commited to it.

Is it possible to parent without yelling; the big answer is yes however there are tools which I will be sharing with you in this blogpost.

With all the negative effecfs that yelling has, people still argue that they still need to yell even with all the chronic effects of yelling. Yelling is so detrimental that it can make a mess of both yourself and your Child.

There is a difference between a calm home and a chaotic home, the nagging, irritation, screams, cries and all the drama that comes with yelling. To be truthful which homr do you prefer. Calm and Peaceful vs Chaotic

When you yell, your Children either shuts down, gets defensive or yell back , so when you yell the Child shuts down and their is no impact with what you are saying. Your Child shuts down, becomes defensive or eveen shouts back. These are the things that happen when you yell. While you are yellimg your Child is not listening, they are defending themselves and are not listening to what you are saying becaue it is as if you are accusing the chikd. Then the Child will yell back, if your Child yell back now, they will tell back later, when they become older they begin to think that the only way to resolve issues by yelling.

Yelling is an indication of incompetence, if you struggle with yelling there is a lack and something that you deal with.

  1. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: The first solution to creating a yell free home is to take responsibility.When you discount yourself from the process of parenting, that is a failed system because what you have done is to exempt yourself and this cannot work. If you are not ready to participate in your own rescue mission nobody can help you. You need to own up and take responsibility. Take responsibility for being a yelling addict, It is laziness that makes you a yell addict.
  2. CREATE ROUTINES AND STRUCTURE: A home without routines and structure relies on negative discipline because positive discipline is structure. If you don’t have structure you will rely on negative discipline like yelling. Your ability to structure will help you overcome yelling. How do you beat a Child that has done all that is expected of them. Creating a structure in your home is dependent on many factots which we will teach you im the upcoming no yelling challenge.

Factors that help you create structure are:
Your Childs learning style , Temperament and love language,Your family values, Your family Culture. Structure helps you raise better behaved Children, less tantrums,helps children transition better into the day

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR FAMILY FIRE SPOTS: Different families have different fire spots, some fire spots can be bedtime routines, bath times, dinner etc Fire spots are times that you are most vulnerable to triggers and when most misbehaviours increases.
    Understanding the yell meter is one of the topics that will be dissected during the No Yelling Challenge.
  3. CREATE A SELF-CARE ROUTINE: A lot of parents are always frustrated because they are stressed.When we talk about Self care it involves mental care, emotional care , rest etc
  4. CREATE TIME TO CONNECT. A child will constantly seek for attention so if you are not giving the positive attention, negative attention will follow. Because to a Chils negative attention is more important to a Child than positive attention.


You can work on moving from a Yeller to a Calm Parent. I have shared this Free guide to help you understand why Yelling is bad and how you can work on it.Kindly download your FREE Copy here:


The good news, you can reprogram this pattern , but it’s a skill you must learn not something you wish.
I’m offering you a 10 – day accountability challenge, where I guide and give you strategies that will take you from yelling to Calm.

I guarantee this Challenge will change your life as a parent.

If you are a parent that struggles with anger, you need this Challenge?

If you have being Yelling at your children and actually get tired at some point you need to join this challenge.

If you are looking for alternative ways to modify your child’s behaviour without shouting down everyone, you need this Challenge.

Join me for this challenge as I share with you how I walked through my own journey from being a yeller to a calm Parent.In this 10 days Challenge will give you a jumpstart on your journey to tame your temper.

In 10 days, you WILL notice a change in how often you yell at your children.

You Will Learn How To

✔Dramatically decrease how often you lose temper on your children.

✔Feel more confident in your ability to stay calm when things get chaotic.

✔Create a happier, more relaxed home for your entire family

✔Ways to move from a consistent yeller to a calmer parent

✔ How to use proven strategies and Tools to modify behaviours in your children without having to yell.


Pay N4,999 to 0509494057, GTBank, The intentional Payment Academy. After payment, send your full name, and proof of paebt to WhatsApp 08034377085.

If I can ditch yelling, you too can. Come let’s parent with Peace and Calm.

Be Intentional.

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